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The School is proud of the accomplishments of its faculty members and graduates. Several of our students received prizes for their Diploma Thesis work from the Technical Chamber of Greece, and distinctions in international professional competitions. Many of our former students have pursued graduate studies here and abroad. Their ranks include faculty members at top-rated North-American Universities (Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, McMaster University), researchers at University, Government, and Industry Research Labs (e.g. Oracle, HP, Yahoo, Thomson, Rice-U.S., NICTA-Australia, Telcordia-U.S., Ericsson-Sweden), and successful professional engineers across Greece and Europe.

Many of the faculty members have obtained their Doctoral degrees in top-rated foreign Universities, and several worked for many years as faculty members abroad prior to joining us. The current levels of peer-reviewed scientific publication activity and competitive research funding are testament to the talent, visibility, and productivity of the faculty. Faculty credits further include multiple international project participation, multiple best paper awards in international conferences, professional recognition in terms of associate editor and technical committee member appointments, and leadership in conference organization.

Recent Distinctions

Organic.Mednet, Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 - Leonardo Da Vinci Subprogramme to Stavros Christodoulakis
Title: Developing the Skills of…

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European Research Grant pSkills Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 - Comenius Subprogramme to Stavros Christodoulakis Title: Programming Skills…

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European Research Grant ARTEMIS Programme to Yiannis Papaefstathiou
Title: Secure, Mobile Visual Sensor Networks Architecture (SMART)
May 2009

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2009 ISWCS Best Paper Award, selected as one of the five (5) best papers in ISWCS 2009
"Simple, Zero-Feedback, Collaborative Beamforming for…

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2009 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, Best Paper Award
"Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data"
Graham Cormode, Minos…
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2009 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, Best Student Paper Award
"Double Index Nested-loop Reactive Join for Result Rate…

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Appointment of Nikos Sidiropoulos to the National Council for Research and Technology
Member of the Division of Computer Science,…
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Best Paper Award, World Summit on the Knowledge Society, Track of Culture and Tourism
"Spatial Information Retrieval from Images using Ontologies…

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2008 IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications
"Cooperative Communications with Outage-Optimal Opportunistic Relaying"
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Research Grant Capacities Programme (Research for the benefit of SMEs) to Yiannis Papaefstathiou
Title: Open Source MOdelling and hardware Software…

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