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Students receive a variety of support, ranging from free textbooks, to subsidized tickets and meal and accommodation support.

  • Through the central service “Eudoxus” of the Ministry of Education [], the student can select and receive free textbooks for the courses in which he is enrolled. The maximum number of free books that each student is entitled to during their studies is equal to the minimum number of courses required to receive a diploma according to the regular curriculum. The same service also provides the possibility of exchanging books between students.

  • The personal Academic ID, issued through the "Academic Identity" service of the Ministry of Education and Culture [], serves as a special travel ticket (pass), which allows the granting of a reduced (student) ticket prices in public transport to facilitate the student's movements.

  • Students can also claim free meals in the student club and/or free housing in the student residence of the Technical University of Crete, if they meet the necessary conditions, based on their individual and family financial situation and their locality.

  • Students who do not have medical and hospital care are entitled to full medical and hospital care in the National Health System (NHS).

  • Students can be supported financially during their studies through merit scholarships and excellence awards, bursaries, and interest-free education loans.

  • Finally, the School provides counseling services to students for their smooth transition to higher education, dealing with difficulties in completing their studies, and supporting people with special needs. There are also selected professors who act as Study Advisors and guide and provide advice to students for the progress and successful completion of their studies. The Technical University of Crete also has a dedicated Counseling and Psychological Support Office that helps students effectively deal with any problems that may arise during their student life.

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