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The Dean Council of the ECE School at its 6th/06.02.2023 meeting appointed the following committees for the Spring 2023 semester. Each committee will focus on the courses (mainly the compulsory ones) of the specific semester and its tasks will be the transfer of experience from problems in the past, the listing of students' obligations, the coordination between courses (mainly the compulsory ones), and the resolution of problems that arise. Each committee is coordinated by the Academic Advisor of the corresponding semester. The terms of all committees expire in the end of the September 2023 examination period.


2nd Semester Committee for Spring 2023

Nikos Giatrakos, Assistant Professor, Academic Advisor for 2nd Semester and Committee Chair

Dimitris Angelakis, Associate Professor

Dimitrios Kandylakis, Professor

Minos Petrakis, Associate Professor

Konstantinos Pisimisis, student representative


4th Semester Committee for Spring 2023

Konstantinos Gyftakis, Associate Professor, Academic Advisor for 4th Semester and Committee Chair

Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis, Associate Professor

Euripides Petrakis, Professor

Nikolaos Fasarakis, Contract Lecturer

Evangelos Kokologiannis, student representative


6th Semester Committee for Spring 2023

Athanasios Liavas, Professor, Academic Advisor for 6th Semester and Committee Chair

Antonios Deligiannakis, Professor

Sotirios Ioannidis, Associate Professor

Georgios Stavrakakis, Professor

Alexandros Togridis, student representative


8th Semester Committee for Spring 2023

Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Professor, Academic Advisor for 8th Semester and Committee Chair

Michail Lagoudakis, Professor

Michail Kratimenos, student representative

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