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Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Scope and Goals of the Program

The strategic goal of ECE’s doctorate program is to educate new scientists and engineers able to produce high-caliber, internationally competitive research outputs.  The PhD candidates are expected to contribute, enable, sustain, and constantly improve the research conducted by the ECE School, as well as to enrich the research and innovation ecosystem of the School and the Technical University of Crete.

Specialization is sought in the following areas.

  1. Electronics and Computer Architecture
  2. Τelecommunications
  3. Systems
  4. Informatics
  5. Applications of Information Society
  6. Data Analysis Including Big Data
  7. Electric Power
  8. Physics
  9. Mathematics

Key Facts

Graduation title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Language: English*
Tuition fees: none
Minimum duration: 6 semesters
Required courses: 3-6 graduate-level courses depending on the educational background of the candidates.
Next application deadline: 1st July 2024

*some courses are offered in Greek but are not mandatory

More information is provided on the following pages

The program is regulated by Government Gazette B-5226/22.11.2018 (Greek) and Public Law 4957/21.07.2022 (Greek).

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