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Web Courses

What are the Web Courses and Site?

The Web Courses site is a fully integrated system for the management of courses. It was developed for the support of the educational process, the organization and administration of laboratory instruction, the support of educational communities within the School, and the coverage of the educational needs of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Services Offered

  • User Support: The Web Courses site allows access only to specific users. These users are the members of the ECE School and they may belong to different categories, depending on their profile.

  • Management of User Profiles: Each user has his/her own profile. In his/her profile, the user can determine the way in which the web pages are displayed, update and manage personal data and information, and activate or deactivate services of the site.

  • Navigation in the Courses of the Site: Under the page “Courses” the user can see all active courses of the site. Each course has an associated description or syllabus, and a timetable. For the users registered in each course the following services are offered:
    • Registration/Deregistration to/from a course
    • Course announcements
    • Access and navigation to published class notes and lecture material
    • Navigation to laboratory descriptions and announcements
    • Creation of laboratory and project teams (according to class policy)
    • Electronic submission and upload to the site of lab reports
    • Download from the site of course material (lectures, laboratory descriptions, class notes)

  • User Messages: The users have the option to exchange messages through the Web Courses site. The messages are personal and can be accessed only by the sender and the recepient.

  • Live Chat Service: The Web Courses site gives the opportunity of immediate communication to its users through the live chat service. This service allows for the creation of chat rooms in which those who want to participate can exchange messages in real time.
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