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Telecommunications Laboratory

Short Description: The Telecommunications Laboratory comprises three faculty members (with one more to join us soon) and a laboratory staff member. The laboratory supports the School’s educational mission in the telecommunications area (lab faculty is responsible for teaching three required undergraduate courses, and several advanced undergraduate electives and graduate courses in telecommunications), and conducts research in digital communications, cross-layer design, and signal processing for communications. The lab has significant computational resources, and a pilot testbed activity in software defined and cognitive radio. Lab faculty have a steady research presence and have been awarded four IEEE best journal paper awards, in addition to several other international distinctions.

Education and Research: The Telecommunications Laboratory supports the School’s educational mission in the telecommunications area and conducts basic and applied research in the following areas:

Digital Communications and Cross-layer Design

  • Convex optimization and applications in optimal cross-layer resource allocation at the physical and admission control layers
  • Cooperative and opportunistic communications
  • Information theory and applications in wireless communications
  • CDMA code design

Signal Processing for Communications

  • Sensor array processing and beamforming for multi-antenna reception and transmission
  • Perturbation theory and applications in performance analysis of communication systems
  • Computational geometry and applications in CDMA
  • Space-time processing
  • Multi-linear algebra, multi-way analysis and applications in blind signal and parameter estimation
  • Source separation and localization of multiple radio signals

Lab's Site

Sector: Telecommunications Division

Director:  Athanasios Liavas


  • Athanasios Liavas - Professor
  • George Karystinos - Associate Professor
  • Aggelos Bletsas - Associate Professor

Lab Staff


    Tel.:+30 28210 37227

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