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Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the School are in the following categories.

  • Faculty: The faculty members (professors) are scientists who carry out the teaching and research work of the School. Teaching includes the independent teaching of a course, the independent teaching of in-depth courses in small groups of students, laboratory exercises and the general applied training of students, the supervision of theses or dissertations and the organization of seminars or other similar activities aimed at the consolidation of students' knowledge. The research work includes basic or applied research, supervision of diploma, master's and doctoral theses and participation in conferences and research seminars. All professors hold a Doctorate Degree and are distinguished in three ranks: Professors (first rank), Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors.
  • Professors Emeriti
  • Retired Professors
  • Laboratory Teaching Staff: Laboratory Teaching Staff members carry out laboratory/applied teaching work, which mainly consists of conducting laboratory exercises, as well as conducting practical exercises. Holders of a doctoral degree may be assigned independent teaching work and supervision of diploma or other theses, under the supervision of faculty members.
  • Laboratory Technical Staff: Laboratory Technical Staff members provide support work to the general operation of the School, offering specialized technical laboratory services for the better execution of the educational, research and applied work of the School.
  • Contract Lecturers
  • Administrative Staff: The administrative staff includes employees of various ranks reporting to the central administration of the Technical University of Crete. The administrative staff members support the administrative operations of the School, such as management of student records, School archives, course registrations, grade reports, etc.

Faculty and Staff List

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