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Information and Networks Laboratory

Short Description:  The Information and Networks Laboratory is one of the laboratories of the Telecommunications division at the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete. The staff consists of four faculty members, two laboratory assistants and one researcher. The lab members actively and continuously contribute to the international scientific acts and have been honored with many awards, including four IEEE’s best paper awards. .

The laboratory activities include research, academic support, training and technology transfer in the fields of computer networks, information transmission, speech and natural language processing, dialogue systems and multimodal user interfaces. The laboratory offers three core undergraduate courses, as well as multiple elective undergraduate and graduate courses.

The laboratory offers significant processing resources as well as specialized equipment for recordings.

Education and Research: 

The Information and Networks Laboratory has developed strong research activity by participating at numerous research programs. The research fields of main interest can be divided into the following areas:

  • Computer Networks

Unified Services Digital Wireless Personal Communication Networks, Multiple Access Communication Networks, Local And Metropolitan Area Broadband Networks, Data Transmission Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks, Centralized And Distributed Systems For Multimedia Information Broadcasting Over Communication Networks, Scheduling For Multimedia Servers, Scheduling For Data Broadcasting Over IP And Wireless Networks, High-Speed Network Processors, Low-Power Encryption And Authentication Devices For Networking Environments.

  • Speech and Natural Language Processing

Speech Processing And Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Speech Coding, Speech Synthesis, Acoustic And Language Modeling, Robust Speech Recognition And Adaptation, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Translation, Multimodal Interfaces.


  • Undergraduate Courses:
    • THL211: Probabilities and Random Signals
    • THL303: Statistical Modeling and Pattern Recognition
    • THL401: Computer Networks Ι
    • THL402: Introduction to Speech Processing
    • THL411: Computer Networks ΙΙ
    • THL413: Natural Language Processing
    • THL414: Introduction to modeling and study of the performance of communication networks
    • THL501: Mobile Telecommunication systems and Networks
    • THL525: Introduction to networks of Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks
  • Graduate Courses:
    • THL605: Communication Networks Protocols
    • THL607: Advanced topics of Speech Processing
    • THL614: Special topics of signal and natural language processing
    • THL615: Special topics of computer Networks

Lab's Site

Sector: Telecommunications Division

Director:  Vassilis Digalakis


  • Vassilis Digalakis - Professor, Rector of Technical University of Crete
  • Michael Paterakis - Professor
  • Polychronis Koutsakis - Associate Professor

Lab Staff

  • Sotiris Bouros - Special Lab and Teaching Personnel


Tel.:+30 28210 37226

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