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Distributed Computing Systems and Applications Laboratory

Short Description: The TUC/MUSIC Laboratory was established in 1990 in the School of Electronics and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete which is located in Chania, Crete, Greece. The TUC/MUSIC Laboratory is a center of research, development and teaching in the areas of distributed information systems, distributed multimedia architectures, graphics systems, human computer interaction, large-scale web information systems. The laboratory supports a set of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the aforementioned areas as well as in system and application programming and databases.

Education and Research: The supported courses include systems programming, structured programming, object-oriented programming, databases, computer graphics, human computer interaction, web application development, semantic web and web services. Apart from the support to a set of postgraduate and undergraduate courses and the laboratory exercises many students elaborate their diploma and master thesis in the laboratory.

In the general area of systems development, the TUC/MUSIC Laboratory has performed research in the areas of high performance distributed multimedia architectures, information systems offering advanced functionalities, data base systems, information retrieval systems, digital libraries, service oriented architectures, and graphics systems.

In the area of application engineering, the TUC/MUSIC Laboratory has performed research in the topics of large distributed multimedia delivery networks for intelligent TV applications, semantic interoperability infrastructures, web and mobile based application development methodologies, natural language processing, as well as standard-based software infrastructures for multimedia applications in areas such as e-learning, culture and tourism, business applications, TV Applications and medicine.

The TUC/MUSIC Lab has participated in over 45 EU projects and Excellence Networks as Partner, Coordinator and Technical Leader. TUC/MUSIC has first developed the School and University infrastructure for internet and email, and has run those services for about six years before it was undertaken by the University. TUC/MUSIC has also developed the Web 2.0 infrastructure of the ECE School. It has also developed, maintains and evolves a number of Web platforms and tools which are demonstrated in the lab's site.

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Sector: Computer Science Division

Director:  Antonios Deligiannakis


  • Katerina Mania - Associate Professor

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