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Digital Signal and Image Processing Laboratory

Short Description: The Display Laboratory is related with Signal and Image processing issues. More specifically, the various aspects taught and experimented in the lab include:

  • Digital Signal Processing: Discrete-time signals and systems, Sampling and Quantization effects, Fourier Transform: properties and applications, Ζ-Transform: properties and applications, Sampling and reconstruction of analog signals, Changing sampling frequency: downsampling and upsampling, Power spectrum estimation, Processing of analog signals with digital filters, Transform analysis of linear time-invariant systems, Minimum phase systems, Structures for discrete-time and digital filters, Design and implementation of infinite impulse response (IIR) and finite impulse response (FIR) filters, Transform and windowing methods
  • Digital Image Processing: General principles and modeling of digital images, Image Perception, Color representation and transformations, 2-D Sampling, 2-D Fourier and other transforms, Image description and processing using vectors and matrix operators, Image enhancement: Histogram equalization and mapping, contrast enhancement, low-pass and highpass filters in two dimensions, Image restoration: Deterministic and stochastic methods, Optimization for the design of image restoration filters, comparisons and applications, Image coding and compression: JPEG, MPEG, Image analysis and segmentation methods.

Education and Research: The undergraduate cources assisted by the Display lab are “Digital Signal Processing” and “Digital Image Processing”, while the postgraduate cources are “Advanced issues in Digital Image Processing” and “Pattern Recognition”. The students implement their lab assignments and projects mainly in C or Matlab.

Also, Display Lab is equipped with complete set of Hardware and Software (TI DSP boards) to perform Real-time digital signal processing experiments.

Research activities of the Display lab are related to the acquisition, processing, analysis and transmission of signals, images and video, in applications concerning fault or disease diagnosis. Activities are distributed in three application areas that involve bioengineering, industry and telecommunications.

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Sector: Telecommunications Division

Director:  Michael Zervakis


  • Michael Zervakis - Professor

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