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Automation Laboratory

Short Description: The Automation Laboratory (AL) belongs to the Systems Division. The lab performs research and educational activities.

The lab’s research areas include: Control Theory—Control of distributed parameter systems, control of delay systems, nonlinear control, adaptive control, control of switched systems, learning control systems. Applications—Traffic flow control and estimation, control of connected and automated vehicles, biological systems, smart buildings, engine control, oil drilling, networked control systems, robotics, energy systems, fluid flow control, and aircraft control.

The lab’s educational activities are related to control of dynamical systems courses. The Laboratory has complete training equipment in automatic control (e.g. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), PID’s, modern measurement systems connected to PC, simulated control systems), 10 positions. It also has real systems e.g. motor – generator set, thermal systems, servo systems with tachogenerator etc.

The undergraduate courses supported by the laboratory are:

  • SYS 201 : Control Systems (4th Semester)
  • SYS 411 : Linear Systems (7th Semester)
  • SYS 412 : Advanced Topics of Automatic Control (8th Semester)
  • SYS 511 : Optimal Control (9th Semester)
  • SYS 513 : Design of Linear Automatic Control Systems (9th Semester)

The graduate courses supported by the laboratory are:

  • SYS 603: Nonlinear Systems
  • SYS 607: Special Topics of Linear Systems

Lab's Site

Sector: Division of (Control) Systems

Director: Professor Michael Zervakis


Lab Staff


Tel.: + 30 28210 37206

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