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The School is proud of the accomplishments of its faculty members and graduates. Several of our students received prizes for their Diploma Thesis work from the Technical Chamber of Greece, and distinctions in international professional competitions. Many of our former students have pursued graduate studies here and abroad. Their ranks include faculty members at top-rated North-American Universities (Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, McMaster University), researchers at University, Government, and Industry Research Labs (e.g. Oracle, HP, Yahoo, Thomson, Rice-U.S., NICTA-Australia, Telcordia-U.S., Ericsson-Sweden), and successful professional engineers across Greece and Europe.

Many of the faculty members have obtained their Doctoral degrees in top-rated foreign Universities, and several worked for many years as faculty members abroad prior to joining us. The current levels of peer-reviewed scientific publication activity and competitive research funding are testament to the talent, visibility, and productivity of the faculty. Faculty credits further include multiple international project participation, multiple best paper awards in international conferences, professional recognition in terms of associate editor and technical committee member appointments, and leadership in conference organization.

Recent Distinctions

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant (MG-IRG) Award to Georgios Karystinos Title: Power and Rate Efficient Modulation in UHF-SHF…

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Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant (MG-IRG) Award to Michail G. Lagoudakis Title: Reinforcement Learning via Supervised Learning (RLvSL)…

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2005 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award
"Creating conversational interfaces for children"
Narayanan, S.; Potamianos, A.

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Research Award $10.000 to Matthias Bucher

Finalist in Next Generation MOS Model Evaluation Process Competition 20

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2003 IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks Outstanding Paper Award

"On overfitting, generalization, and randomly expanded training sets"


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Appointment of prof. Stavros Christodoulakis in the Scientific Board of the National Documentary Center, National Research Council of Greece
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Participation of prof. Stavros Christodoulakis in the Scientific Board of Delos European Excellence Network on Digital Libraries

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2001 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

"Parallel factor analysis in sensor array processing"

Sidiropoulos, N.D.; Bro, R.;…

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2001 Infotech Oulou Intern. Workshop on Information Retrieval BEST Student Paper Award

"Shape Matching with Occlusion in Image Databases"


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2000 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award

"Maximum-likelihood stochastic-transformation adaptation of hidden Markov…

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