The curriculum of the ECE School of the Technical University of Crete aims at the in-depth education and high level hands-on training of engineers in current technologies in the areas of electronics, automatic control systems, computer science and telecommunications. The goal of the School is for the students to develop a sound theoretical background which will enable them to understand the fundamentals of the new technologies in all of the above areas so that they can cope with the demands and the rapid pace of technology growth at an international level.

Areas of Concentration for Coursework
The coursework of the School is organized in five areas of concentration These areas are the following:

  • Electronics and Computer Architecture [ ACE ]: The material covered in this areas includes the analysis and design of analog and digital electrical and electronic systems, computer hardware, computer architecture, microprocessors, real-time systems, digital systems building, and CAD tool development. This area is covered by the Division of Electronics and Computer Architecture.
  • Systems [ SYS ]: The material covered in this area includes (control) systems theory, automatic control, image and voice data processing, biomedical engineering and quality control. This area is covered by the Division of Systems.
  • Telecommunications [ TEL ]: The material covered in this area includes telecommunication systems, telephony systems, antennas, microwaves, information and code theory, computer communication networks, wireless communication networks, computer networks, voice recognition and speech processing. This area is covered by the Telecommunications Division.
  • Computer Science [ CSI ]: This area includes courses on programming principles, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, compilers, operating systems, databases, artificial intelligence, graphics, software and simulation technologies. It is covered by the Computer Science Division.
  • Information Society Applications [ AIS ]: The subject of this area is office automation, distributed computing systems, information systems, and human-computer interaction. It is covered by the Computer Science Division.
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