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The establishment of professional rights for the graduates of the ECE School has been published in the Greek Government Newspaper (where Greek laws are published), in issue FEK 243/December 3 1997, which states that:

The graduate of the School, defined as “Diploma-holding Electronic Engineer and Computer Engineer” has the right to work on the study, design, analysis, implementation, supervision of construction, maintenance, research, supervision of operation, and expert appraisement reports for every kind of electronic and computer systems, their installations and their applications in general in the following scientific areas:

  • Electronics, and in particular electronic apparatuses and systems, such as the design of analog and digital circuits, sensors, electronics for power systems, integrated circuits, electroacoustic systems, measurement and data processing systems, optoelectronic apparatuses and the applications of the above.

  • Telecommunications and Telecommunication Systems, which include in particular wired and wireless communications, information communication or transmission, switch and routing centers, wired and wireless communication networks, multiplexing systems, mobile telephony, satellite systems and every kind of similar application thereof.

  • Information Systems, which includes electronic computers as means of data storage and information processing, their design or construction or application in production or operation or other process or the offer of services in industry, in office automation or agencies, in telecommunications, in publications and in electronic apparatuses. The areas of computer architecture, peripheral units, expert systems software engineering, human-computer interfaces, telematics, and multimedia are considered to be included in the term Information Systems.

  • Systems, and in particular automation systems, signal processing, image processing and every kind of application thereof.
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