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Postgraduate Studies

The Electronic and Computer Engineering School of the Technical University of Crete, responding to the needs and challenges posed by the participation of Greece in the European Union and the corresponding international competition, has created and operates a full and state-recognized Program of Graduate Studies (PGS). This program aims at the graduate-level education of the engineers who will meet the demands of present-day job market and the country’s needs for Greek businesses to be competitive, and as a result the Greek economy to be competitive.

The Program of Graduate Studies offers the following diplomas:

  • M.Sc. in Electronic and Computer Engineering, and/or
  • Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering

Under the Greek Law Ν. 2083/92 the goal of the MSc degree is the further education and training of a student, or his/her specialization in one of the Divisions of the School. The aim of the Ph.D. degree is the development of scientists-researchers who will advance research and technology. 

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