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School Structure - Divisions

School Administration
The School is governed by its General Assembly, the Dean's Council and the Dean. The General Assembly comprises of the faculty, representatives of Special Educational Staff (with the Greek acronym EEP), the Special Laboratory Educational Staff (with the Greek acronym EDIP) and the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (with the Greek acronym ETEP) of the School.

The responsibilities of the General Assembly, the Dean's Council, the Dean and the School Secretary are determined by the Greek Law 4009/2011 (Higher Education Framework Law), its derivatives, as well as the Greek Law 4076/2012.

School Dean
Dean of the School is Professor George Karystinos

School Secretary
School Secretary (which is the official position of the supervisor of the administrative services of the School) is Ms. Vasiliki Grigoraki.

School Structure

The School is organized in four Divisions. The Divisions and the Faculty per Division is listed below.

For the laboratories of the School, please visit the page for the list of laboratories.

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