Ph.D Positions & Internships at the University of Houston

The Computational Biomedicine Lab (CBL) of the University of Houston, has several available Ph.D. positions and internship opportunities in Computer Vision & AI for Social Good, with applications in Identity, Healthcare, and Smart Mobility.
Contact: Prof. Ioannis Kakadiaris (

How do I choose where to apply? In our opinion, choosing a Research Lab requires learning information about the Mentor, Research Topic, and Lab Environment. Regarding the mentor the aspects that an applicant may be interested in are: personal chemistry, quality of their research & publications, intellectual plasticity, engagement with the students, and relationships with academia / industry to help with the placement of the students. The Lab environment is about people and resources: social & cultural diversity, peer learning, and multi-disciplinary expertise.

Identity                  Identity for Social Good
                              i. Homelessness
                              ii. Refugees
                              iii. National Disasters
                             Anti-Spoofing: Camera-Independent using passive approaches
                             Indexing: Women in History
                             Identity in eCommerce
                             Deep Fakes: Friend or Foe?

Healthcare            i. Generate Insights on Population Health
                              ii. Reduce the Cost of Healthcare
                              iii. Reduce Housing Instability though the study of provisioned social services
                              iv. Automate the reading of imaging data
                              v. Predict an individual’s risk for a disease

Smart Mobility       i. Detection of Humans in the path of a vehicle
                              ii. Speed Limit Updater

What job can I find afterwards? CBL alumni are currently working in some of the most prestigious companies in the industry such as Google, Amazon, Oculus, Apple, Facebook as well as major research centers such as the Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the University of Maryland.

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