Ομιλία Επίκουρου Καθηγητή Ευτυχίου Κουτρούλη

Ο Επίκουρος Καθηγητής της Σχολής ΗΜΜΥ κ. Ευτύχιος Κουτρούλης, στα πλαίσια της διαδικασίας εξέλιξής του στη βαθμίδα του Αναπληρωτή Καθηγητή, θα δώσει ομιλία με θέμα: "Electronic Power Management Systems: from μW up to kW".

Δευτέρα 1 Φεβρουαρίου 2016, ώρα 12:00 μ., Αίθουσα Συνεδριάσεων Σχολής ΗΜΜΥ, Κτίριο Επιστημών


Power management systems are electronic structures for processing electric power and they serve as the interface between an energy production source and the corresponding load. They are employed in modern electric networks (Smart Grid, Micro-Grids), Renewable Energy Sources applications, automotive, aerospace and railway transportation systems, as well as in low-power systems in Wireless Networks and autonomous devices. In this talk, novel techniques will be presented for the design of the control unit and power processing circuit of electronic power management systems. Design optimization and experimental results will also be presented, demonstrating that these techniques enable to increase the energy production and reduce the cost of the overall energy supply system.


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