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Areas of Specialization of the School of ECE

(approved by the ECE School Assembly at its 14th (21.02.2023) meeting.)

  1. Applied Mathematics with an Emphasis on Biosystems Modeling
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Automatic Control Systems
  4. Biomedical Technology
  5. Computational Geometry and Applications in Computer Science
  6. Computer Communication Networks
  7. Computer Graphics
  8. Computer Systems Security
  9. Data Science
  10. Design and Implementation of Electric-Electronic Circuits or Systems
  11. Design of Analog Integrated Circuits
  12. Design of Antennas or Microwave Devices
  13. Design of Digital Integrated Circuits
  14. Design of Digital Systems Hardware
  15. Design of Embedded Systems
  16. Design of High Performance Computers
  17. Digital Telecommunications
  18. Electrical Drives
  19. Electrical Machines
  20. Electricity Production, Transmission, and Distribution Systems
  21. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  22. Energy Storage Systems
  23. Fine and Applied Arts
  24. Foreign Languages - English
  25. Foreign Languages - German
  26. Functional Analysis
  27. General-/Special-Purpose Computer Architecture
  28. Greek as a Foreign Language
  29. High Voltage
  30. Human-Computer Interaction
  31. Information Systems
  32. Internet of Things and Fog Computing
  33. Machine or Statistical Learning, Pattern Recognition
  34. Machine Vision
  35. Mathematics with Applications in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  36. Natural Language Processing
  37. Optoelectronics and Photonics
  38. Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
  39. Physical Education
  40. Physics with Applications in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  41. Power Electronics
  42. Programming Languages
  43. Quantum Science and Technology
  44. Robotics
  45. Semiconductors and Micro-/Nano-electronics
  46. Signal Processing
  47. Smart Grids
  48. Software and Internet Technology (Systems, Algorithms)
  49. Technical Design
  50. Telecommunication Systems Hardware
  51. Telecommunications Networks
  52. Theoretical Computer Science
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