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5 June 2024 - "Towards fast, uniform, and versatile geometric predicates in human-computer interaction" by Dr. Manos Kamarianakis

5 June 2024, 13:00 Athens time, 137Π39



Dr. Manos Kamarianakis


5 June 2024, 13:00 Athens time, Science Building 137Π39



Towards fast, uniform, and versatile geometric predicates in human-computer interaction



Designing enhanced predicates for geometry-based applications in the human-computer interaction (HCI) domain is a complex task. In some cases, it requires tremendous efficiency, such as in real-time networked mixed reality (XR) applications, while, in others, it demands versatility, like handling operations involving diverse 3D objects, which complicates design and implementation. To this end, our journey delves into the dynamic realm of geometric algebra (GA) and its transformative impact on computational geometry and XR. Our research spans from foundational geometric predicates to cutting-edge applications, seamlessly integrating GA into the fabric of software development. Through a series of innovative algorithms and frameworks, we tackle challenges in real-time character animation, networked VR environments, virtual simulations, and generative AI, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in interactive 3D environments. By harnessing the power of GA, we unlock new avenues for geometry-driven applications across diverse disciplines. Join us as we explore the convergence of mathematics, computation, and immersive technologies, paving the way for innovation and discovery in a wide array of geometry-driven domains.

About the Speaker

Manos Kamarianakis is a mathematics researcher that specializes in computational geometry and its applications in computer graphics. He received his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Crete  (UoC), where he studied the Voronoi Diagrams of 3D spheres. He holds a MSc (Honors) in mathematics, as well as 2 bachelor degrees, both in pure and applied mathematics. Since July 2019, he is a member of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas - Institute of Computer Science (FORTH-ICS) spinoff startup ORamaVR. As a research director, he oversees the design of innovative geometric-based algorithms, suitable for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. He is the deputy PI of several EU Projects regarding advanced medical HCI applications in 5G edge cloud computing environments. His paper Never "Drop the ball" received the Best Paper and Presentation Award from the CGI2021 Conference (ENGAGE Workshop). Manos is currently a visiting researcher of FORTH-ICS and specifically the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Since September 2022, he has been an adjunct professor with the Computer Science Department at UoC. Furthermore, from July 2019 until July 2022, he was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Mathematics, UoC, working on logic and diophantine problems. 

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