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ECE Colloquium 2022

Talks & Schedule

11/11/2022 - Talk by Dimitris Tsapoulis, The Signal Group "Signal; Applications of Technology in Shipping and Commodities Trading"

11/11/2022, 17:00 Athens time, remotely via Zoom and on Campus 145.Π58


11 Nov 2022, 17:00 Athens time
on Campus 145Π58

via Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 913 8856 0652
Password: 705403


Signal; Applications of Technology in Shipping and Commodities Trading


Shipping could be considered a "Technology Last Frontier", meaning a huge business domain that has yet to take full advantage of the emerging capabilities of deep technologies. In this short introductory talk, we will introduce Shipping, some of its problems and illustrate how technology can help solve some of them by placing humans "in the loop of AI".

About the speaker

Dimitris began his career in London (1998) as a management and technology consultant with Accenture. Working mostly in Financial Services and Capital Markets, he gained experience during the formative years of the dot-com boom & bubble, while advising organizations such as the London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse and Euroclear. In 2005, he moved to Athens to join leading ship management company, Thenamaris. After a decade of planning and strategy work that spanned all functions of the bulk shipping vertical, Dimitris joined his CEO, Ioannis Martinos, in setting up The Signal Group, where he is serving as COO since its inception in late 2014. By combining deep domain expertise with the latest in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, The Signal Group is out to discover the role of applied science and technology in one of the worlds big, traditional markets. Dimitris holds a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Imperial College London.

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