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20 Dec 2023 - "Functional ultrasound imaging (fUSI): A revolutionary technology to study the nervous system" by Dr. Vasileios Christopoulos

20 Dec 2023, 14:00 Athens time, 141Π98


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15 Dec 2023 - "Extreme-scale exploration of complex models and simulation in Life Science and Biomedicine using EMEWS" by Dr. Miguel Ponce-de-Leon

15 Dec 2023, 17:00 Athens time, remote


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1 Dec 2023 - "Harnessing Physics-Driven Modelling and Artificial Intelligence for Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Health Monitoring" by Dr. Vasiliki Bikia

1 Dec 2023, 17:30 Athens time, local and remote


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1 Dec 2023 – Asst. Prof. Nikos Giatrakos has been invited to deliver a talk at the EMBO Workshop: Computational models of life: From molecular biology to digital twins, Spain about "Extreme Scale Big Data Analytics Towards Battling Cancer"

Friday, 1 Dec 2023, 11:30 Spain time


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Distinction of ECE Students in the competition European Cybersecurity Challenge 2023

11η place for the The Hellenic Cybersecurity Team at the 2023 European Cybersecurity Challenge

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2 Nov 2023 - Associate Prof. Konstantinos Gyftakis has been invited to deliver a seminar in the University of Sheffield, UK about "Modern Aspects of Electrical Machine Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnostics"

2 Nov 2023, 16:00 Athens time, remote


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10 Nov 2023 - "Iterative regularization for classification via hinge loss dual diagonal descent" by Vassilis Apidopoulos

10 Nov 2023, 17:30 Athens time, remote


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27 Oct 2023 - The Role of Semantics in Systems Integration and Cybersecurity by Prof. George Karabatis

27 Oct 2023, 14:00 Athens time, 145Π58


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3 Nov 2023 - Feature Selection via Minimal Covering Sets for Industrial Internet of Things Applications by Prof. Ioannis T. Christou

3 Nov 2023, 17:00 Athens time, 145Π58 and via Zoom


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Distinction for an ECE PhD candidate’s research paper in a prestigious international Artificial Intelligence conference

The article titled “Deep Reinforcement Learning with Implicit Imitation for Lane-Free Autonomous Driving”, with Iason Chrysomallis (ECE PhD candidate)…

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