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The following contract lecturers, funded by National-Strategic-Reference-Framework state grants, teach courses in the School of ECE in the Academic Year 2022-2023.

Dr. Sofia Evangelou
Courses: Physics I - Mechanics (PHY 111)

Dr. Nikolaos Fasarakis
Courses: Electronic-Electrotechnical Materials (ECA 211), Electronics Ι (ECA 204)

Dr. Eleni Roboti
erompoti1<at>, office Γ3.1.01, tel. +30-28210-37359
Office hours: Monday-Friday 11:00am-15:00pm or by communication
Courses: Sociology (SOC 311), History of Civilization (SOC 316), Industrial Sociology (SOC 413)

Dr. Dionysios Theodosis-Palimeris
Courses: Single-Variable Calculus (MTH 101), Differential Equations (MTH 211)

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